Interested in applying for a grant? Learn more about what the National Fund for Sacred Places offers, the eligibility requirements, how the program works, and how to apply.

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Am I Eligible?

To determine if your building, congregation, and project are eligible before applying to the National Fund for Sacred Places program, please review the eligibility requirements below or read our self-assessment questionnaire.

What We Offer

Learn more about the types of projects we fund, what we are looking for when considering applicants, and more details about how the program works.

Application Deadlines & Process

Applications for the National Fund for Sacred Places are accepted annually. Typically, 15-20 congregations that meet all of the eligibility requirements and exemplify the core criteria are awarded entry into the program in October. All application submission steps take place through our online grants management system, Foundant.

Letter of Intent

Due February 29, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST

Letters of Intent through the Foundant grant system will be accepted from any eligible congregation.


Full Application Notifications

June 2024

After careful review, a select number of congregations will be invited to complete a full application through the Foundant grant system. Full applications will be due in July.

Final Notifications

October 2024

Final decisions will be made with the Advisory Committee, and congregations will be notified in October.

We are particularly interested in applicants from the following locations where we have not previously funded projects: Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia, U.S. Territories, including the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

Application Process

There is a three-step process to receive a capital grant from the National Fund for Sacred Places program:

1. Letter of Intent (LOI): A preliminary indication of interest and capacity. The LOI should address the National Fund’s core criteria: historic, cultural, or architectural significance; community-serving congregations; project scope and need; readiness; healthy congregations; and strong applications. The deadline for 2024 LOIs is February 29. 

2. Application: After review of the LOIs, a limited number of congregations will be invited to submit a full application in June 2024. The application should detail congregational traits, leadership, programming, and the proposed capital repair project. Full applications are due in July 2024.

3. Capital Grant Submission: If a congregation is accepted into the National Fund program, a required period of consultation and technical assistance led by Partners for Sacred Places in collaboration with the National Trust will be initiated. Congregations that successfully complete the consultation and technical assistance will be invited to complete a Capital Grant Submission form. Successful submissions will provide permit-ready documentation describing the scope of work supported by the National Fund and documentation that one-quarter of the matching funds have been raised or pledged. After the submission has been approved by our review team, the first half of the award is disbursed, and work may begin on the National Fund project. The final half of the grant award is released once the project is completed and the finished work has been reviewed by the National Fund team.


Letter of Intent

Full Application



Intake Call

Planning Grant Submission (optional)

Planning Grant Disbursement (optional)

Technical Assistance Package

Capital Grant Request

Consult with National Fund Staff on Progress of Project

Capital Grant Submission

Capital Grant Agreement

First 50% of Funds Disbursed


Construction Completed

Matching Funds 100% Raised

Final Report Submission

Final Site Visit

Final Disbursement of Grant Funds

Additional Resources

Find more information about other sources of funding, partner organizations, capital project planning tips, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the National Fund program, what we offer, or how to get started? Read our FAQs to find out answers to the most common questions.

Stories and Media Coverage

Read more about how the National Fund for Sacred Places is helping congregations around the country rehabilitate their sacred places.

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